Traveling with a baby under 1 year old

Mar 9, 2021 Bad Parenting

Traveling with a baby under 1 year old

From what age can you go on vacation with your baby? Which destination to choose? Is it possible to travel light? How do you make sure you don’t forget anything? Car, plane, or train: which mode of transport to choose? And how to avoid disturbing the rhythm of the baby best convertible car seat for small cars, just acquired? So that your first vacation with baby is synonymous with rest and peace of mind, follow our advice!

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The most complicated thing is finally finding the date!

Before being parents, it was complicated to make coincide your two professional schedules; now, it is also necessary to integrate that of the nanny, if your child is not kept in a nursery. To complicate the whole thing baby journey blog, the baby’s age also brings its share of constraints: no question of traveling in too hot climates or too cold, his body still being too fragile to withstand extreme temperatures. In short, if it is a puzzle to reconcile the constraints of each one, it is worth it because traveling with a toddler is ultimately not that complicated!

Where to go on vacation with baby?

How to choose your destination with a toddler? That’s the question! Our aim is not to praise you the merits of such and such a hotel chain, such a super-comfortable vacation club, such a charming village or such a travel agency specializing in family vacations. No, we just want to warn you: some destinations are not suitable for a baby less than 12 months.

Going abroad with your baby: a good idea?

On what criteria should you choose your destination for safe travel?  8-point checklist.

Holidays with baby in the mountains

Pure air and tranquility will be perfect for baby, as long as you don’t want to climb too high.

Watch out for altitude with a toddler

Altitude is not recommended for toddlers because it increases heart rate and blood pressure. In general, it is recommended not to take a baby under 1 year of age beyond 1500 m. He will wait until he is a little taller to climb his first summit.

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Select your walking hours

Since babies tend to get cold quickly, especially because of their immobility, in the mountains, where it is cooler, cover them more. And take it for a walk during the hottest hours of the day.

Total screen required!

In the mountains, the sun’s rays are more aggressive than in the plains, even in the middle of winter; and all the more so in the event of the sun reflecting off the snow. Therefore, always protect your baby by applying a suitable sunscreen. And have him wear sunglasses (with an elastic band to keep them in place on the tip of the nose). In the mountains, the sun’s rays are more harmful to babies than in the plains.

Baby at the beach

Here again, the great sea air will certainly benefit a baby.

Is baby ready for a swim in the sea?

Do not plan to submerge it in the sea for 12 months. The water temperature on the French coast is on average 20 ° C, which is far too cold for a baby. Then there is a good chance that he will be afraid of the waves and that this experience will displease him. Finally, salt water is aggressive for the very fragile skin of a newborn baby, and these risks irritating it. Also, wait until his first birthday to give him his first sea bath. However, you can now play with baby at the water’s edge: he will have fun watching the waves lick his feet. He will cool off and get used to the large expanses of water gently!

fragile skin. In summer, avoid going out between noon and 4 p.m.

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